The Intensive Care Must Be Non Stop

Obviously. The aim of establishing an intensive care unit or reanimation unit where the latest technologies of modern medicine are used is, keeping patients alive and to save them time if they can recover. In intensive care, sometimes the medicines given will cure the patient or sometimes an operation, and usually the patient’s own body.

If you have any doubts about the services provided in the intensive care center where your patient has been hospitalized – which may even be confirmed by the staff of that unit – then you should start looking for a better intensive care center. But do not forget that the quality of an « intensive care » is measured by the number of working specialists, nurses and the professor who manages the intensive care services and their experience; more than the tools it possesses.

So in order to be able to provide a good intensive care service, the following are necessary: an experienced nurse who will deal with only the patient round-the-clock, an intensive care specialist who supervises all follow-up and treatment round-the-clock, an instructor who observes the changes at least three or four times a day; and an experienced professor who coordinates the service and the treatment, and plans the necessary procedures.